Japanese Car Exporting FRAUDSTER Companies

The Above Named fraud companies belong to one person,Employees operate Under Fake English Names,Operate under the same Address which is "101, HASHIMOTO HOUSE 4-1-1 SHIROKANE MINATO-KU TOKYO JAPAN 108-007".
They Do Not have Stock,They Send Dummy Stocks to unsuspecting clients and later take your money,block you and keep you waiting for months.Their SalesPersons are all fake using fake names,Do not Send Auction Deposit or any amount.. if you do be ready for a stressful affair,They Use virtual Mobile Application Platform.

They Will Engage You through their LandLine +8135809721 always but will never get them on whatsapp voice call apart from chats,The Moment you pay they will block you,Send You fake Documents you must be vigilant.They will call you through AutoROD line or CARHUB line after they mess you up through Auction House Company.Kindly Note that Auction House Japan is Just a Company but not a recognised Auction House.They DoNot have any stock of any Kind.

Stay Away from the Following Lines |Erick shawn +818042808146 also operates as Kriss Kross or Kruzz in AutoRod Japan |Mr Eden +1(609)566-6099| Mr Steve +818042807762|Sam Jordan +81 80-4280-8134|Paul +81 80-4280-7278|They Use Different names everyday,They come up with Funny Excuses Every Month Stay away.To get more Information on Auction House Japan Kindly whatsapp Mr. Samuel Muiruri (+254)721-423-286 bought a Toyota Auris in January 2020 invoice number AHJ-013911427285 the unit has never been shipped 10 months counting and Mr.Kevin Ogada who Purchased Mitsubishi Outlander 10/January/2020 its almost 10months now no unit shipped.Invoice Number AHJ-01-3111255448.Contact +254-714-164-356.Stay Away from these Companies. Other Companies You should stay away from include: